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We all need some help now and then. So maybe now would be a good time to talk about one of the best ways to get some personalized help, so here goes. I believe that the idea of having a prosperity coach is an idea whose time has come. Dealing with debt issues and trying to understand that how we emotionally deal with money affects every aspect of our lives can leave us feeling overwhelmed. That’s why having a professional who’s independent of your emotional issues yet committed to your success can be so important.

While we all like to think of ourselves as completely able to take care of our own needs but consider this. At a recent U.S. Open Tennis Tournament there were 602 players. There were also over 500 coaches. Of course it’s possible that one person could coach more than one player. So virtually, if not absolutely, every player had a coach. To be in the U.S. Open you must be one of the best tennis players in the world. So why do they need a coach? I’d suggest, and I hope you agree, that among the reasons that they are one of the best in the world is the fact that they do have a coach.

All top achievers have coaches. Athletes have coaches. There are drama coaches for actors. There are vocal coaches for singers. Top business leaders have mentors. World leaders have advisors. I believe that you will be better off by having a prosperity coach.

Imagine having someone who understands your problems and your dreams working with you to inspire, to motivate, and to occasionally give you some frank talk and set you straight in spite of yourself.

Here are Some Great Coaches

These great coaches have appeared on the I Hate Debt radio show.

Greg Frank Greg Frank, Senior Financial Coach at Invest In Your Debt, has devoted years to learning the mindset & habits of financially successful people. He can help you end your debts and put you on the path of creating wealth by teaching you how to think and act like a millionaire.
Listen to Greg Frank's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show. Invest In Your Debt - Being Debt-Free Starts Within - The Power of Coaching A Lifetime of Success

Marilyn August author of the Money-Health & Wisdom seminars and Weathlyu.com is available to help you. Contact her at marilyn@wealthyu.com
Listen to Marilyn August's appearance on the I Hate Debt radio show. WealthyU 1 - WealthyU 2 - The 7 Financial Agreements

Sandra Baptist from Elite Coaching Group empowers men and women to attain their true vision of attracting more money and more prosperity into their lives using the Law of Attraction. Contact her at sandra@elitecoachinggroup.com
Listen to Sandra's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show.
Segment 1 - Segment 2
Barbara Dixon from MindfulResolutions.com and creator of The Mindful Millionaires Game offers a unique and very personalized approach to prosperity coaching. Barbara will help you find your purpose and create a life of abundance based upon your values. You can email Barbara at BarbaraDixon@MindfulResolutions.com.
Listen to Barbara's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show.
Changing your Attitude towards Wealth - Building Wealth: Building Consciousness - Is Your Money Falling through the Cracks - The Mindful Millionares Game

Mackey McNeil Mackey McNeil from The Joy and Money Institute and author of The Intersection of Joy and Money can help you change your relationship with money. You can contact her here. Listen to Mackey's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show.
Why We Buy Things - Good Debt- Bad Debt - Money Fantasies - Mackey's Coaching

Kathy Miller from AGoodSteward.net and the author of Too Busy to Budget is available to help you. Contact her at contact@agoodsteward.net
Listen to Kathy Miller's appearance on the I Hate Debt radio show.
Being a Good Steward of Your Money - Money and the Family - Too Busy to Budget - Kathy's Coaching
Too Busy To Budget

Cindy Morus from Phelps-Creek.com is a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor. She will help you get on the right path to financial freedom. Contact her at cmorus@phelps-creek.com
Listen to Cindy's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show.
The Psychology of Debt - The Importance of Having a Financial Coach - Protecting Yourself Financially - Raising Financially Healthy Kids

Paula Ryan author of "Bounce Back from Bankruptcy" and creator of artofabundance.com has unique skills that will help you quickly get to the root of your financial problems. And then help you break through to a debt-free and prosperous life. Listen to Paula Ryan's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show. Bounce Bank From Bankruptcy - Obstacles on the Way Out of Debt - Seven Debt-Free Commitments - Heal Your Relationship With Money
Read the transcripts of Paula's interviews here.

Mari Smith from Million Dollar Relationships can help you have a better relationship with money and help make money something you and your spouse, or spouse-to-be, can have work for you instead of driving you apart.
Listen to Mari's interview on the I Hate Debt radio show.
Your Relationship With Money - You, Your Partner, and Money
Money and Marriage -Building a Solid Financial Future

Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle
Carol Tuttle author of Remembering Wholeness and CarolTuttle.com is available to help you. Listen to Carol Tuttle's appearance on the I Hate Debt radio show. The "Why" Behind Your Debts - Changing Your Thoughts from Poverty to Prosperity - Carol's Prosperity Coaching - Moving into Money with Grace and Ease
Read the transcripts of Carol's interviews here.



"Thank you for your help and resources. I had no idea how to handle my creditors until I found your website. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

(2nd Grade School Teacher, Washington)

"I appreciate your helpful information. We were able to work out a deal that is a win win situation for me and my debt collector's. Thank you so much.
Julie T.
(Receptionist, Texas)


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Debt Calculator

See how long it will take for your debt to get paid off with one of these four options. We have listed a standard debt amount as a default on the debt calculator. You will need to enter your current personal or business debt amount below to see what your debt payoff amounts will reflect.

What's Best For You: Minimum Payments?

Debt Consolidation?

Credit Counseling? Debt Settlement?
Total Unsecured Debt $30,000.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00
Months To
Get Out Of Debt
430 60 60 36
Interest Rate 18.9 % 12 % 10-12% Ave None
Total Interest Paid $49,978.53 $10,040.01 $21,300.00 None
$900.00 $667.33 $855.00 $458.33
Total Cost
To Be Debt Free
$79,978.53 $40,040.01 $51,300.00 $16,500.00
Monthly Payments   Months To Get Out Of Debt   Total Cost To Be Debt Free
Minimum Payments Debt Consolidation Credit Counseling Debt Settlement
Enter Your Debt Information Here:
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Unsecured Debt:
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Interest Rate:
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Be Debt Free:


PLEASE NOTE: This calculator gives you an estimate of how much it will cost you to get out of debt, how long it will take and how much your monthly payment may be with the different options to pay off your debt. Keep in mind "Minimum Payments" assumes you NEVER make any further purchases on your credit cards and the credit card companies NEVER raise the interest rate on your cards in the future from the rate calculated above. The "Debt Consolidation Loan" example is usually only possible when taking out an "equity line of credit" or "second mortgage", which involves securing your unsecured debt with your home. This is a very risky option for most people because the home could be foreclosed if you cannot make the payments.