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Lesson 1 History of Money What money really is and where it gets its power.

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properity of debt
We’re going to start at the beginning, actually before the beginning, at least before the beginning of money. In lesson #1 we’re going to learn how money came into being, what forms it has taken and what it is today. We’ll examine the concepts of prosperity and luxury and discover that they are newly formed concepts that were vigorously fought against and actually outlawed. Then you’ll do some exercises designed to help you understand how you think and feel about money and being wealthy. You may be surprised when you find out what you really think and how it affects your cash flow.

We often fantasize about money and about what having more money would mean to us, however if we were to stop and separate ourselves from the money, we would have the opportunity to learn a great deal about ourselves. Money is a force outside of us but our dream resides within. Focus for a moment on yourself, and ask, what would you do if you could do whatever you wanted to? When the answer starts to become clear, it is time to start the process of becoming the person you want to be, regardless of whether you have the money or not.

By focusing on the money aspect of our dreams we wind up giving control of our future to an outside force, money. When the lack of money is seen as the deterrent to living a happy life money becomes an adversary, something to struggle against and blame for our misfortune. It then gains control over our lives.

We don’t consider that the only way money has any value is when we give power to it. Money is nothing until we empower it with our thoughts and beliefs. Only when we believe, as individuals as well as a society, that money has value are we willing to work for it.

Once we understand that money is a representation of life energy, we put forth effort and energy, work, so that we may have money. We then trade our money for the effort and energy, work, of others, now we begin to see that the power that money has over us does indeed start from within. We are now in a position to take back control and use our thoughts, beliefs and actions about money to produce more money with less effort.

This will put us in the position where we will soon find that our money works harder and makes us more money than we earn. Simply put, the poor work for money, money works for the rich.

Before we begin our journey back to the time before money let’s take a moment time and examine how you think and feel about money right now. Feel free to put your answers in a separate notebook and to come back to them from time to time to add to your answers. To get the most out of this course please take the time to answer the questions I pose to your complete satisfaction before moving on to the rest of lesson #1.

Question #1: If I only had more money I would.......

Question #2: Money is.......

Question #3: In what form is money exchanged today?

Question #4: Rich people are.........

Question #5: How do I feel about having more money?

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