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Lesson 1 History of Money What money really is and where it gets its power.

Page 5 - Types of Money Today
The differentiation of money is not just by individuals, but organizations and even the government distinguishes among forms of legal tender. Today, the Federal Reserve recognizes as part of the national money supply not only cash, currency, demand deposits, and travelers checks, but also, among other financial assets, overnight repurchase agreements, Eurodollars, money market mutual fund shares, savings bonds, commercial paper, banker’s acceptances, and liquid treasury obligations. Multiple monies are thus not curious residuals of an earlier era but a vital part of today’s economy.

Types of Money Today
  • Currency, Bills and Coins
  • Money Orders
  • Gift Certificates
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Treasury Bills
  • Money Market Funds
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • ATM Cards
  • Checks
  • IRAs
  • 403(b)’s
  • Keogh’s
  • Trust Funds
  • Savings Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Many more and many more to come

So from the earliest fertility rituals to the modern dollar bill, we are using a connection between our personal life energy and our eternal spirit. It is in this way that we honor the cycles of life: planting and harvesting, earning and spending, giving and receiving, saving and investing, and even living and dying. When we understand that money is a symbol of life energy, we begin to honor and respect it. Not that the symbol is the treasure, but the treasure resides in you.

Prosperity Without Money
The Art of Prosperity defines prosperity as the ability to function effortlessly in the world without regards to money. For most of us it also means an increasing financial abundance. Here are two recent examples of being able to function effortlessly in the world without regards to money and without amassing personal wealth.

The Peace Pilgrim
One example of prosperity consciousness without money is the Peace Pilgrim. She made a decision that the most important thing in the world was world peace. To her, until there was world peace, nothing else really mattered and she took it upon herself to spread the word, literally. She sold everything that she had and began walking. Everyone she came into contact with she talked about world peace. She just walked and talked world peace. At night she would sleep wherever she was, a park, a field, or in someone’s house if they offered. She had two rules, she never asked for anything and she never refused anything. If she was offered something and she couldn’t use it she would just pass it on to someone who could.

Her first couple of years were quite difficult. She spent many nights sleeping outside but as her notoriety grew so did her circle of influence. She developed the support of many wealthy people who were willing to share their wealth with her. She wound up having transportation provided for her. She could use their private jets when she needed to and she had a variety of mansions that she could stay in when ever she needed.

Her inner wealth was such that others treasured her company in such a way that she was able to share their wealth, and, although she had no money, she lived the life of a wealthy person. Indeed she was wealthy because her physical needs were met and she could devote all of her time to what she was truly dedicated to—world peace.

Sister Theresa
Another case of someone whose life was filled with spirit in such a beautiful way and yet had no need for the personal accumulation of wealth was Sister Theresa. As an example there was a time when she was given a mansion in San Francisco to use as a clinic. The news reporters were there with her as she toured the mansion and the TV cameras showed her discussing her plans. When she saw that the house had two water heaters she ordered that one be removed. San Francisco, she said, was a warm climate, and after all she didn’t take hot showers and neither did her associates. They really only needed hot water for the patients and one water heater was enough. As she walked through the house she ordered the carpets removed, after all they didn’t need them and having wooden floor made it easier to wheel patients and equipment around.

She wasn’t doing this to deny herself anything or to reject the concept of wealth. She just didn’t need these things and was just concerned with the task at hand. Her thoughts were only of helping sick people, and if something didn’t help to do that, she just wasn’t interested.

It’s quite possible for one to be unconcerned with money and spend one’s life in service to others or in search of spiritual fulfillment and be prosperous. But for the purpose of this course we will be looking at ways to have ever increasing abundance—peace of mind along with more money.

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