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Lesson 2 Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life Stories of Childhood Money Memories

Ann’s Story
When I was about nine, we were having relatives over for lunch and my mother wanted to make sure everything was perfect. She got so busy in the kitchen that she forgot to bake desert and in a panic she gave me some money to buy an apple pie. I knew our company would be there soon so I hurried down the block, across the street and into the store. I’d been to the store many times before but never by myself, so I was excited to be able to help and to have all this responsibility. I picked out a pie and stopped myself from buying any candy. I was sure that mother knew how much the pie would be and she expected the change back. And besides I was gong to get to eat some of the pie. When I got to the checkout line I could hardly wait for my turn but when the cashier asked for the money I looked in every pocket. And that’s when panic struck. I had lost the money.

I ran from the store retraced my steps back and forth and looked in all my pockets ten times but there was no money and when I got home there was no pie. Everybody had long since arrived and was ready for lunch they were just waiting for me. When my mom asked where the pie was I had to say I lost the money and then we all ate lunch but there was no desert. Years later Ann and her husband had been fighting over what to do with their money. He wanted to make investments because they were young and needed to make their money grow but she was scared of losing it all. She insisted that she only felt safe if the money was in the bank. When Ann took some time to uncover her early money memories she remembered the long since forgotten incident of the lost money and humiliation and pain it caused.

Only then did she understand why she felt such fear over making simple investment, she didn’t want to lose her pie money again. After realizing that she was just a kid who had made a simple kid’s mistake she forgave herself for losing the bread money and forgave herself for bringing her fear about losing money into her adulthood. As an adult she could recognize reasonable risk and understood that she could make responsible decisions about money. Ann and her husband went on to make steady and safe investments.

Does reading Ann’s story stir any memories from you own childhood? If so write them down. How do you feel when you hear what a dramatic impact her childhood incident had on her adult financial well-being?

Your childhood memories are so powerful that they affect not only you but those around you too. This is the story of the man whose childhood memories were so powerful that they affected even trained financial professionals who were trying their best to help him.

Robert was a wealthy man by most standards, as a child he had inherited two million dollars. The money had been kept in a trust fund to pay for his education but when he became eighteen the money came under his control. He understood that he was inexperienced in the ways of investing and in a most responsible way he decided to trust his investing to a large and well respected bank The bank also acting in a very responsible way spent considerable time interviewing him before making any investment decisions and in accordance with his goals and desires they invested the money. In just over two years the bank had lost almost half of his money. Although the investments that the bank had made for its other customers had done quite well, Robert’s investments were down by $900,000.

Robert’s Story
After seeing almost half of his money disappear he decided to take personal control of his money and again in a very responsible way invested n real estate. He made several investments including a prosperous restaurant where he had been a frequent diner. Because he knew the owner and the business well he considered it a good investment especially since he was intent on making no changes to an already successful business. Six months later the business was floundering.

After losing another $500,000, his two million dollars was now down to $400,000 and he was even more determined to earn his money back. This time he purchased racehorses after hearing that they were a good investment. He bought a couple of horses but this too proved to be a losing investment.

At this point he did an in depth look at his childhood memories. In his case it was pretty easy to tell where the root of the problem was. When he was six both of his parents had died in a car accident. He carried with him a six-year-olds guilt that somehow he was responsible for his parent’s death and this money was blood money and must be gotten rid of. His thoughts were deeply imbedded in his subconscious and even though he had no idea that they were there he still transmitted them to those around him and they became part of the process of getting rid of the money.

Once he identified the hidden cause of his financial downfall it was quickly overcome and he went on to earn all of his money back and then some.

How do you feel about Robert’s story and the impact his money memories had on himself as well as others?

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