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Lesson 3 Being Prosperous Here and Now
Page 1 A Review and A Preview

In Lesson #1 we looked at the origins of money. In Lesson #2 we looked at our own past and uncovered our earliest most powerful money memories. If you did all the exercises and are confident that you’ve healed your unhealthy money memories then you’re ready to move on to Lesson #3. If you did not do the exercises please do so as it impossible to move forward in a healthy manner unless you have a healthy foundation. Using the analogy of the farmer, you must have clean soil before planting your crops.

One of the biggest surprises to me when I started studying prosperity was the difference that really going back to the memories and healing them made on me. I had lived for years with a clear understanding of what the problem was, but it was not until I emotionally addressed the issue that it finally cleared up. Just understanding the issue was not enough. It was in the emotional cleansing that the progress was made.

If you do need to go back and address the issue again, it’s OK. If another issue becomes prominent now that this one was handled, then deal with that too. But the real purpose of Lesson #2 was to heal and move on.

With the idea in mind that we’re planting a money tree, we’ve just taken step number two. Step number one was to understand the history of planting and making the decision to plant the crop. Step number two was to prepare the soil. Now it’s time for step three. We’re getting ready to plant. But before we do we have to look around and see just where we are. A farmer in Florida will plant a different crop than one in Iowa. A farmer in Brazil plants a different crop than one in Canada. So where are you now?

Right Here Right Now
The real key to the “Art of Prosperity” is right here, right now!! Hey, guess what: it’s always right now! While it was important to take a look at the past and it is important to plan for the future, the most important time is now. By learning how to enjoy a prosperity consciousness today, no matter what your current circumstance, you will not only be more likely to increase your financial well-being but you’ll be able to enjoy yourself no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

While It Does Takes A Little Time To Be Rich You Can Be Poor In No Time At All

Most people work 40 hours a week to get their money, plus the time they spend getting ready for work, going to and from work, buying clothes for work, worrying about work and talking about work. When it’s all added up they probably spend 60 hours a week to get a paycheck. A large percent of their money immediately goes to the government in the form of taxes. Do they spend 60 minutes to take care of their money? No way! “I’m too busy,” they’ll say. Or, “I tried to balance my checkbook once, couldn’t do it, it’s too hard.”

On Friday they get their check, or, in the case of the “our money grows on trees” metaphor, they get a packet of money seeds. What do they do with it? They take out a handful because it’s Friday night and they need to relieve the stress that’s built up all week at work. The same thing happens on Saturday and Sunday. Before they know it it’s Monday and they are off living their life in a whirlwind that blows away most of the rest of their seeds. Come Thursday there’s about three seeds left and they have no idea where it all went. Then they very logically say, “I can’t afford to plant any seeds. I don’t even make enough to make it through the week.”

Having a prosperity consciousness - starting down the road to financial wealth - is not hard, but you have to pay attention. If you are willing to put in 10% of the time you spend getting money, on paying attention to what you do with it, you will most likely become wealthy. If you spend 40 hours a week working for your money, spend 40 minutes a day to take care of it. When it comes to the money that you keep, the time you spend taking care of your money will earn you many times more than what you made in the first place. By putting in 40 minutes a day to taking care of your money you may soon find that you don’t have to spend 40 hours a week to make it. To become wealthy your money must make you more money. If done properly your money will work harder and make more money than you ever will.

Taking It A Step At A Time - Baby Steps
Would you think it would be a good idea to say something like the following to an infant? “Just go ahead and sit there. You don’t know how to walk. If you try you’re just going to fall. Most importantly you don’t have anywhere to go. Just wait until you’re bigger, when you have somewhere important to go. Then you can get up and walk. If you try to walk now you’ll fall, you might hurt yourself. You could become embarrassed, disappointed. You know, I’m just trying to protect you.”

You probably would say something like this. “Come to Papa. Come to Mama. You can do it. This is the best time to learn to walk. You’re still close to the ground. You’re wearing all that padding. This is a safe environment. You may fall but you’ll get back up and try again. By the time you’re bigger and have somewhere to go you’ll be a great walker. You’ll be able to navigate hills, valleys, puddles, bumpy paths. There’s nothing you won’t be able to handle. Come to Papa. Come to Mama.”

How many of you have said to someone you know intimately, perhaps yourself, something like this? “I don’t need to have a budget; I don’t even have enough money to last through the week. I can’t waste my time thinking about investments. I’ve got too many bills to pay. When I get more money I’ll learn how to take care of it. Once I get rich I’ll learn what I need to know about investing.”

Any ideas on what might be a better way to talk to yourself about money? How about, “I enjoy taking care of my money. Taking care of my money makes it go farther. The best time to learn about investing is now. If I make a mistake now it will be a small mistake, better to make it now than latter. Now is the best time to start taking control of my money!”

Treat yourself with the same care you take with an infant. Don’t quit if you fall down. Get up and try again and try again and again. Keep on trying until you succeed. In the end it is much easier to put forth the effort to succeed than it is to live with mediocrity.

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