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Lesson 3 Being Prosperous Here and Now
It’s OK To Feel Prosperous Because You’re Already Rich

We tend to get what we focus on. Therefore one of the best ways to attract money is to feel wealthy. Imagine how you’d feel if you were truly wealthy. I’m not talking about the immediate euphoria of winning the lotto, but what you would feel on an ongoing basis, feelings like joy and gratitude. I believe that the deeper the feeling of gratitude the happier you will be. And when you are happy with what you have you will be given more.

You live in the most prosperous time ever known and that alone makes you a wealthy person. A recent article detailing a study done by the United Nations said that half of the world’s population has indoor plumbing. So look around; if you have a sink and a toilet, then you’re in the rich half of the world.

If you insist on only comparing yourself to those who have more you can never win. There is only one richest person in the world. If you have tens of millions of dollars you’re not even close to being the richest person in the world. Focusing on the fact that others have more will only instill a feeling of lack and deprivation. Sure, looking at others success can be motivational but to obsess on it would be counter-productive.

A healthy prosperity consciousness will allow you to be grateful for what you have and strive to have more. Human beings seem built for accomplishment, but in a seemingly odd twist, once we accomplish our goals we find stirrings of discontent and yearnings to achieve yet higher goals. So strive to do better but know that achieving happiness now is the only real goal. And you can achieve that goal now by focusing on all that you already have.

This Earth is a place of abundant wealth. You are alive so you have access to the grandeur and beauty that surrounds you. The miracles that occur on a daily basis are amazing. How long would it take you to create a flower that blooms in spectacular colors and patterns? How long would it take you to create rainbows that come after spring showers? How long to compose a musical masterpiece or write a compelling novel? Well you don’t have to because the radio is filled with music, the libraries filled with books, the earth gives us flowers and the sky gives us rainbows. All you need do is open your eyes, your ears, reach down to the ground and look up to the sky. You are alive. You can create the life you choose for yourself all while experiencing the riches that present themselves to you everyday.

Thoughts Are Things
Thoughts are things and powerful things at that. For when thoughts are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches, thoughts turn from the abstract and become absolute reality. It is within your mind that all success starts and the function of how quickly you get results is based on the amount of certainty that you have that you thought will indeed become reality. When you master your thoughts you will find that wealth comes to you so quickly and in such abundance that you will wonder why it took you so long to start using your brain in this way.

When you begin to control the power of your thoughts, you will observe that riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work. As soon as you master the principle that thoughts are things, your financial status will begin to improve. Everything you touch will begin to turn itself into an asset for your benefit. Truly, success comes to those who become aware that they have the power to control their thoughts and then take control of their mind and create their own destiny.

Becoming Prosperous On Purpose
The four fundamental elements of success are purpose, desire, faith, and persistence. In simple terms it is your desire that determines what will happen, your purpose will define why it will happen, and your faith will overcome anything that presents itself as an obstacle to your success.

When you consider a goal you are allowing the possibility that it may come true. But when you make a decision that you will accomplish it you are determining that you will overcome anything and everything that stands in your way. It is in the moment of decision that the power of your desire comes forth. When your desire is fueled with the highly charged emotion of certainty, your success becomes unstoppable.

While having a good plan is important in achieving success, it is not necessary to know exactly how every detail will be accomplished. In fact, it is impossible to know every detail because you can not know the obstacles that will present themselves to you. Everyone that has ever accomplished anything above the ordinary has been challenged by, and overcome, numerous obstacles on their path to success. It has been by having a strong purpose and knowing why one must succeed that brings the determination to succeed even when there appears to be no opportunity to do so.

When the element of faith is added to the feeling of certainty you will have formed a formidable alliance within your mind that assures that you will take all the action that is necessary for your success. Your guarantee of success is assured when you are persistent in your thoughts and actions. When persistent thoughts and actions are taken, you create a habit of success. It is within this habit that you will gain the ability to accomplish what might have seemed impossible. Both success and failure are largely the result of habit. Once a successful habit is created, it takes no more effort to succeed than it does to accept failure. In fact, it is easier to put forth the effort to succeed for a short time than it is to live life in misery and poverty.

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