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Lesson 4 The Power of Circulation

The Power of Circulation
This concept really came about in the 1300’s. Devised as a way around the religious prohibition of usury, charging interest on loans, Italian bankers found a loophole that immediately started to create more wealth. Commerce had flourished through vast regions and with many differing currencies being used. This banking challenge led them to come up with a brilliant concept. They wrote contracts for money. A contract could be written in Venice in Venetian ducats and cashed in Florence for Florentine florins, with an 8-12% exchange fee going to the bank.

Instead of a shipment of coins that could take three weeks to travel four hundred miles and risk being stolen, lost or pilfered by the very guards who were paid to protect it, a contract would arrive in eight days and even if stolen couldn’t be cashed. It was cheaper and easier to use the contract than coins.

Under this new system a bag of florins that might have sat for years in a noble’s stronghouse could now be deposited for safekeeping in an Italian bank that had access to branches across the continent. The bank then lent the money and circulated the bill of exchange as money. The noble still had his one hundred florins on the books. The merchant who borrowed the florins was richer, and the person who held the bill of exchange now had one hundred florins as well. Even though only one hundred gold coins were involved, the miracle of banking deposits and loans has transformed them into many hundreds of florins that could be used by different individuals in different cities at the same time. The more the money circulated, the more money there was to circulate.

The Dollar Game
Here’s another example of how the power of money grows as it circulates.

Imagine a room with twenty people sitting in a circle. One person takes out a dollar and asks the person next to him what goods or services they might sell him for the dollar. She responds that she has an extra pen she could sell him. He agrees takes the pen and gives her the dollar. She then asks the next person the same question. That person offers a good or service, she accepts, and the exchange is made.

When the dollar gets to the twentieth person he then turns to the dollars original owner, offers the same proposition, exchanges the dollar and receives his product or service. Then dollar is then back with its original owner but twenty dollars worth of goods and services has been exchanged.

As the dollar circulated its power grew and it will continue grow because it will continue to be circulated.

Money, as energy, grows and expands. That’s the heart of the matter.

The Heart of the Matter
This leads us to the heart of the matter. Money is alive with energy and by its very nature it wants to circulate. The power of circulation fuels prosperity. As blood must circulate to bring life to your body, so must your money circulate to bring life to your prosperity. At the center of your circulation system is your heart. How you circulate your money is the heart of your prosperity.

Your physical heart has four chambers that must work together and so does your prosperity heart. To maintain proper circulation your money must go through the four prosperity chambers. A part of your money will be:

  1. Given away. A 10% amount is traditional
  2. Kept forever – this money can and should be invested. Any money that your money makes should go back though the four-chamber process.
  3. Saved to be spent at a later time. A part of all you earn you must save/invest for the future. As opposed to the second chamber at some point all of this money can be spent. As example you might be saving to purchase a large item like a car. Once you have enough money, you buy the car. You then start the savings/investing process all over.
  4. Spent. A part of all you earn you must be spent on your daily expenses.

Every time you receive money keep some of it forever, save some of it to spend later, spend some now and share some with others. As your money circulates with prosperity consciousness its power will increase. Its power will increase and as it circulates it will multiply as money has always done. We are now starting to tend to the money tree we have planted.

The Power of Giving - All That I Give Comes Back to Me

All of life is energy and as such has a natural flow of movement to it. Once movement stops so does life. Because the energy of money expands as it circulates and as it responds well to the concept of being used in a positive way, the power of giving has a natural and predictable flow to it. When you give you receive. If you are having trouble receiving, try giving. But give without the expectation of receiving, give because it is the right thing to do.

The idea of tithing 10% is a well known concept. While I feel that it is a good idea to do so I’m going to emphasize your state of mind when you give, over the amount that you give. I’ll even suggest that giving of your time and talents can be more important than the giving of your money but give your money anyway.

When you have the habit of giving money, and do so every time you receive money, it sends a signal to yourself that you have faith and confidence that you will be receiving even more money soon. And you will.

You cannot fool your own emotions. If your giving is done because of others expectations of you, or that you give because you expect to be financially rewarded, you will probably find little satisfaction or reward from your gifts. But when you take the reward, the emotional state of well-being, from the act of giving itself you immediately are rewarded. It’s also highly likely that your financial reward is coming too, although it may not come to you in at a time or in a form that you instantly recognize it as your reward. But come it will.

So give; give your 10% with an open heart and an open hand. Make sure it goes where you feel it will be appreciated and treated with respect. If giving 10% of your income is going to put you in immediate financial jeopardy then give 100% of what ever you can afford, including time and talent, with the true spirit of giving. When you do you will receive your just rewards.

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