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Lesson 4 The Power of Circulation Financial Independence Account Continued

You do not have to wait until large amounts of money have accumulated before you celebrate your successes. When your earned interest has reached a sufficient level say five dollars you will begin the process of enjoying an independent lifestyle. When my financial independence account had earned five dollars I went to the bank, and with the air of prosperity surrounding me I withdrew it. I took it along with a notebook and went to a café by the beach. I bought myself an iced mocha for $3.00 and left a whopping 33% tip, a dollar. It was a beautiful day and I sat at the front of the café, outside by the railing. As I was watching people going by I knew that they were looking at me and thinking, “There is one prosperous guy.” As I sat there I began writing in my notebook, “This beautiful day has been paid for by my wise investments.” As I wrote it over and over I savored the experience. It was the middle of the week, was I at work? No! I was at the beach, at one with the beauty of nature, feeling great and celebrating the fact that my Financial Independence account was paying for it.

After I finished my mocha and has soaked up as much atmosphere as I could stand I went back to the bank. I took the remaining dollar and put it back into its account where it could join all the other money that will be providing my with future prosperity events.

Do this! There is power in this account. Put on your ruby slippers and start down the path to financial independence. Don’t stop until you reach your goal.

Your Annual Income Account

Take a year off - Your Annual Income Account The Process for your Annual Income Account works the same way as you Financial Independence Account. The goal of this account is to let you have a year off with pay. This is an extremely powerful account. It’s true value may not be fully evident at first glance. Decide how much you need to live for one year, a level that’s not at a poverty level but not necessarily a luxurious level.

Use all of your Art of Prosperity tools. Start your account. When you reach 1/365th of your goal, enough for one day, take the money out of the account and put it on the kitchen table at night before you go to bed. When you wake up sit down at the kitchen table and know this day is paid for. You can do anything you want to. You could go to work if you want to but you don’t have to. Take the day off if you want to. When you have enough for two days repeat this exercise. Do it again with three days, four days, etc. There will come a time when you can take the entire month off. There will come a time when you can take the entire year off.

Not many people in this world give themselves the gift of a year off. What will happen is that you will begin to connect with yourself at a very deep level. You will then begin to use your time in a way that’s totally supported by your values and that will bring you the ultimate amount of personal wealth.

Your Annual Income Account affirmations.
I deserve to be wealthy.
My job (business) is the pipeline by which I tap the infinite wealth of my US economy for my personal desires.
I get value from everything I do.

Lesson 4 Exercises

Exercise 1: Consider you financial legacy. Write down what you would like to have happen to your money when you’re gone. Take at least one step towards making it happen.

Exercise 2: Your Financial Independence Account 1. How much do you need to have it fully funded? 2. Pick a respectful, prosperous place for your money. You wouldn’t put your kids in any ole day care center. You’d want to know that they are being well taken care of, treat your money with the same care. This money you are keeping forever. Open your account with a ceremony fitting of your financial independence. 3. Even if you only have one dollar to start this account, start it with a fitting ceremony. Put your dollar in a special place knowing that it will lead to your financial independence. 4. Write your affirmations. Plan your first prosperity celebration. Create a sensually rich visualization. Create and sing a financial independence theme song.

Exercise 3: Your Annual Income Account – Same step as above

Exercise 4: The Power of Giving Take an amount of money, an amount that is bigger than you would normally give, and give it to someone who really is in need, a homeless person. Notice how this makes you feel, what does this say about you? Make a list of at least three charities that you would consider giving money to, mail a check to at least of them. Notice how this makes you feel, what does this say about you?

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"I appreciate your helpful information. We were able to work out a deal that is a win win situation for me and my debt collector's. Thank you so much.
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