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Lesson 5 The Percentages are in Your Favor A Review and A Preview

How’s your circulation? Is your prosperity working on all four financial chambers?

Do you have your prosperity priorities in order? Remember it's people first, then money, then things.

In Lesson Four you looked at the four chambers of financial circulation. To achieve proper circulation you learned that you must keep some money forever, you must give away some, you must keep some to spend later and the rest you spend now.

In order to facilitate proper circulation and to enhance the mental aspects of “The Art of Prosperity”, you started setting up prosperity accounts, to earmark your money for specific purposes. Your “Financial Independence” account, as it is money that will be kept forever, is part of the second chamber of circulation. Your “Annual Income” account is a special account that will allow you the rare luxury to take a year off work. The benefits of doing this are incredible. Most likely you will discover your true calling and be able to devise ways of supporting yourself from doing what you love. As your money is being saved with the intention of spending it at a later time, it is part of the third chamber of circulation.

In Lesson Five you will learn how to use the percentages to your advantage. You’ll do this by using your “Investment Account”, another account from the third circulation chamber. Then you’ll learn one of the most misunderstood but most powerful prosperity principles. You’ll use the percentages to turn your daily spending into “Smart Spending”. This account, of course, is from the fourth chamber of circulation.

Then, after a quick look at the modern version of slavery, personal debt, you’ll open your mind to looking for new and enjoyable ways to attract more money. Finally, you’ll be ready for a celebration, a prosperity party. So get ready, here you go, off to Lesson Five.

Your Investment Account Your Investment Account - Investing for a Happy Day

The goal of your investment account is to make a higher return on your investment than just putting your money in the bank, or a higher return than your financial independence account. You will start to think in terms of risk vs. reward. Investment in this account may be short term, long term or speculative. As your account balance increases and as your experience grows you may have several different types of investments all going at once.

With your profits you will start the cycle of circulation all over. You’ll put part into permanent wealth, your financial independence account, part into your current expenses, part into prosperity celebrations and part back into more investments. The power of this account is three-fold. First, you will be putting part of the profits into your financial independence account so you’ll have independence sooner. Secondly, you’ll be using some of your profits for current expenses, which means that you’ll need to make less money from working. Thirdly, you’ll be keeping part of your profits in the account so that it makes even more money.

A key part of the power of prosperity circulation is that you will be doing more things, more positive things, with the same amount of money. Not only that, but you will be doing things that will cause your money to grow. This is cause for celebration! Remember its not the amount of money that you celebrate with but the quality of your celebrations.

The Investment Account Affirmations:
All of my investments are profitable.
Part of all my profit goes into permanent wealth, current expenses, capital and reserves.

Sensual visualizations:
It looks like:
It feels like:
It smells like:
It tastes like:
It sounds like:
How I feel when it’s accomplished: My investment account theme song:

The Percentages are in Your Favor The Percentages are in Your Favor

One of the biggest differences between those who are respectful of their money and those who aren’t is that the one’s who are know that even small percentage changes over a long period of time make huge differences.

In fact, it has been said that the eighth wonder of the world is compounding interest. Take advantage of it and it will do wonders for you.

Here are some simple strategies for putting the percentages in your favor. If you have a savings account linked to your checking account, after you have earmarked your money, keep it in the savings account. When it’s time to spend some money, transfer it to the checking account. Your money will be earning extra money everyday of the month. Paying attention to your money will pay dividends to you.

If you are using a credit card for everyday purchases, stop. If you are paying off the entire balance every month you are still playing with fire. If you are late one time you will be paying extra money for everything you purchased and you may have your interest rate raised automatically for everything you purchase from then on. You have to pay an annual fee to use them and they just invite trouble. If you must, for some reason, have one then have just one make sure it’s at the lowest possible interest rate. Call your credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rate. Credit cards are good for one thing only, going into debt. When looking for investments look at the potential returns and learn to evaluate the returns vs. the risk. If the percentages of return are higher and it’s within your comfort level as far as risk, then take the extra money.

When it comes to playing the percentages the sooner you start the better off you’ll be.

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