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Lesson 5 The Percentages are in Your Favor

Real Life Prosperity Examples
Oseola McCarty had only a sixth-grade education but she enjoyed helping people in any way she could. She found the most convenient way she could help was by laundering and ironing other people’s clothes for them. That was all she could really do and all she really ever did do. When she was 87 years old she donated $150,000 to a scholarship fund at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her generosity inspired others to donate in her name and the fund grew to over $330,000. What can you do to help others?

Golda Reynolds never attended high school but she had a keen sense of observation. After marrying her fiancée Gilmore Reynolds in 1928, Golda noticed that the automobile was changing the nations travel patterns. She also noticed that gas stations and other stopping points for motorists didn’t have snacks that people could take with them. She started a wholesale candy business. When she noticed the emergence of propane furnaces as a replacement for coal furnaces she and Gilmore started the Reynolds Gas Co. When she noticed that the propane business was being overtaken by natural gas she sold the business to a large gas company.

Golda Reynolds noticed many things that others overlooked. In fact most people in her small town never noticed Golda until she quietly passed away. When it was announced that she left her hometown $23 million dollars they noticed. What opportunity went unnoticed by you today?

If your prosperity exercise left you with some ideas that didn’t at all seem practical consider these three entrepreneurs. One having turned over pieces of paper that said “getting dressed up in costumes” and “giving people presents” decided to start a delivery service. In his case he dressed up in a tux and wore a gorilla mask. He always used public transportation, and carried promotional fliers to promote his business. He very quickly made enough money to move to Hawaii. More importantly he realized that all he needed to do was open up his mind and money making ideas would pour out.

Oh you say your ideas were even goofier. How about the man in Tokyo who dressed up as a human punching bag and made over $100 a night by letting people punch him. Maybe you recently saw the news story about the young man in New York City who poses with tourists. He makes $100 to $200 a day. His expenses can be much because all his does is play his guitar wearing his cowboy hat, his cowboy boots and, well, his underwear. Sure you’re laughing at him but remember he’s probably laughing when he sees people getting all dressed up to get all stressed out for less than he’s making in his underwear.

So there you go, other people have made money by paying attention to what they could do, how they could serve others, and by not letting convention stop them from doing something unconventional. It’s your turn now. Which of your ideas is going to make you money? It’s time to decide today.

A Prosperity Party
By now I’m sure you know that the key aspect of “The Art of Prosperity” is the blending of positive emotions and practical money management. It starts with having an understanding of what money really is and how to align our thoughts, actions and feelings in a way that attracts more money and happiness to us. Then we plan for success, we take the appropriate action and now we must finish the prosperity cycle with an appropriate celebration.

The prosperity party is also a blending of the physical and emotional aspects of success. When planning a goal it is imperative to include the celebration, to emotionally experience the celebration and to, when times get tough, focus on the celebration as a way to motive ourselves to take consistent action. So when success is achieved, even a small step along a long path, the celebration must be carried out.

While a prosperity party can be an elegant, expensive, extravaganza, it can also be as simple as a solitary moment of silence. The most important thing is that it be experienced as quickly as possible after the success and it must be an emotional experience that is fully sensually linked to the goal achievement.

Be enthusiastic about your prosperity party, it is a big deal. Even if the celebration only lasts a moment, make the moment an emotionally charged moment. Then look forward to the next celebration. Remember when you have the habit of expecting success, success can come unexpectedly. So you always have to be ready for a celebration, a prosperity party.

Lesson 5 Exercises

Exercise 1:
Open or add to your “Investment Account.” There’s a world of good investment information available to you and as I did in Lesson 1 I encourage you to learn about and become familiar with various forms of investing. Within your “Investment Account” it is possible to have many types of investments ranging from low-risk low-yield investments to higher-risk investments that bring the possibility of greater returns. From “The Art of Prosperity” perspective it’s only important that you regularly fund this account and that you keep your mind open to having the account grow. With investments, as with any other crop, there will be ups and downs and that’s why it’s important to keep a long-term perspective on this account.

Exercise 2:
Make sure that your possessions are valuable to you. Get rid of stuff. Pay attention to how, when and why you spend money. Look for ways to get more while spending less.

Exercise 3:
Look for new, fun, and exciting ways to attract money. Do at least one of your ideas until it makes an amount of money that you have set as a goal. Have fun doing this.

Exercise 4:
Have a prosperity party for no particular reason. You are a prosperous person and you deserve to feel good about yourself and your prosperity right now. Sing your prosperity theme song and enjoy the moment.

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