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Lesson 6 Create a Compelling Financial Future

A Review and A Preview
In Lesson Five you took a deeper look at two of “The Art of Prosperity’s” chambers of circulation. You looked at the “Investment Account”, a part of chamber three, the saved to be spent later, chamber. Then you looked at chamber four, the spend it now, chamber. In this chamber you learned that by planning and simply paying attention to what you’re doing with your money that you can actually have a better quality of life and save money too.

After making the commitment to get out of and stay out of debt you looked at new ways of attracting money. Then you completed your exercises and actually made money by doing something that you found fun and finished off the exercise by having a prosperity party. You did do this, didn’t you? If you didn’t please do the experience of having fun while attracting money is something that you should not only experience once but it should be the way that you attract your primary source of money, Hey, why not?

So now its time for Lesson Six. It’s time to create a compelling future while enjoying yourself in the present state. The future is fueled by your dreams, dream big and live the life of your dreams. Plant your prosperity seed with the full expectation that they will bring you the harvest of your expectations. This or something better.

Yes, prosperity is as easy as 3-2-1. You’ll take a look at how life and prosperity seems to be explained in 3’s, as in past/present/future, 2’s, as in give/receive and most importantly the 1, as in you are the one. Within you there exists all that you need to live a prosperous life. This, of course, is with the understanding that you also must work within the world of cooperation with others and with the greater forces of spirit and nature.

Ultimately the prosperity farmer tends to his crop one day at a time. He does his best each day, gives thanks for what he receives and plans to prosper further tomorrow. You will receive a checklist of daily activities and sensual goal fulfillment. Use them everyday and you will find that your dreams will come true, one day at a time.

Create a Compelling Future
This is the end of the “Art of Prosperity” course but it’s the start of your prosperous future. There are no limits to dreams. So dream big. The real power of your dreams is they come from a part of you that doesn’t question or judge; it comes from that part of you that believes anything is possible.

Inherent in your dreams is the ability to make them come true. So dream big!!

Take the time to write down your dreams. What will you be doing in twenty years, ten years, five years, two years and next year? Don’t worry about how it will happen, just trust and believe that you have the ability to make your dreams come true.

We are driven in life by two basic desires, gaining pleasure and avoiding pain. You can use both of these desires to guide you towards living your dream. Answer the following questions and be as specific and brutally honest with yourself as you can be.

What will it mean to you to have your dreams come true?
What will it cost you if you dare not to dream?

Once you have the answers emotionally attach yourself to the answers. Feel the pleasure. Feel the pain. When you want to move forward on your goals; focus on the emotional outcome, either the pleasure or the pain.

If a dream is too simple it will hold no challenge, if it’s too big you will tend to give up. But when you find one that you really want and even though you’re not sure how it will happen, when you have a gut feeling that it really can come true, then this is your dream. Hang on to your dreams.

Put your dreams in front of you on a daily basis. Photos of yourself enjoying your dreams are a great reminder of past accomplishments and future successes. Sing your dream theme song. Create your sensual images. Write your dream affirmations. Create a “My Dreams Have Come True” journal to keep track of your progress. Enjoy each step of the way.

You don’t need the details of how it will happen because you can’t possibly know all the challenges you’ll encounter. Plus if you try to figure them out in advance you’ll never get started.

For example if you want to double your income in three years you would understand that if it increased by a third the first year and again by that amount the following two years your income would double in three years. You could break it down even further and realize the If you just increase your income 2.5% a month, just .1% a day, within three years your income will double.

Now maybe you could get excited about doubling your income in three years when you realize it just takes a little extra every day. Then take it back to three years from now and feel how good it feels to have all that extra money then bring to back to the small daily effort. Link your big rewards with your small daily effort. Then just focus on this year and what you could do, make more money at your current job, take a second job, get a different job, or be a human punching bag.

Check your progress on a regular basis. If it’s working, prosperity party, if it’s not, you noticed and you’ll refocus and make it work next time, and hey, have a prosperity party because you refined your plan, that’s a success.

Make a plan for your daily efforts and take the first step. Take the first step now. Put on your ruby slippers and keep walking down the yellow brick road for as sure as Dorothy you will have adventures and meet characters but if you keep focused you find your way home. Because you’ll realize, like Dorothy, that what your striving for has been within you all along.

The function of how quickly you get results is based on your amount of certainty.

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