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Lesson 6 Create a Compelling Financial Future

How it Works
The Art of Prosperity is designed to integrate your logical, emotional, subconscious and spiritual thoughts about prosperity. It allows you to decide the correct path for yourself. The goal is to allow you to create inner happiness and have increasing abundance while maintaining a spiritual balance.

These goals are achieved in several different ways. One way is through lecture, being exposed to new ideas or information. Another way is through exercises, either physical exercises like giving away money or playing “what’s the price”, or mental exercises like prosperity scrabble. These exercises may seem uncomfortable while doing them but that’s part of the learning process. In order to change your thinking you need to go beyond your current boundaries. To achieve the fullest results do the exercises fully.

You have been asked to reflect on your money memories; you may find your most profound insights come to you during these quiet times. You have been asked to “take inventory” by charting you income, spending and by creating a balance sheet. You have also been asked to create new thoughts. You should have new thoughts about the nature of money, new thoughts about your relationship to money, and money’s relationship to you. You’ll have sensually rich goals and prosperity theme songs to be able to emotionally anchor your prosperity thoughts. You have a plan for your daily activities for money and plan to reward yourself for prosperity behavior.

These different approaches are designed to work together. If you feel stuck try and see if you’ve missed one or more path of learning. Do you need:

Lecture/a new idea or a new way of thinking

Reflection/some quiet time to gain a better understanding/ healing your money memories/ making sure your “soil is prepared for planting”

Inventory/being honest with where you really are/balance sheet/tracking your spending

Exercises/going beyond the norm to gain new insights/what’s the price/invite me for dinner/large purchase accounts

Creating new thoughts/emotionally living the prosperous life/having sensually rich goals/prosperity theme song

A vision/ refocus on your dreams/ know why

Be grateful/give/be gracious
Remember money is a living energy it wants to be around those who treat it as well as themselves with respect and dignity

I encourage you to use all your Art of Prosperity tools. I understand you may not be able to do everything all at once. Baby steps! The most important aspect of prosperity is your attitude. You will never go wrong by taking the time to be grateful for what you have and by sharing with others.

Relax and Make It Easy
The Art of Prosperity is designed around the idea that prosperity is our natural state. It’s the thought that it’s hard that brings confusion and tension. Relax, if you ever seem overwhelmed take a deep breath and go for a walk. The very nature of modern life will bring layers of complexity to money management. Don’t worry about being perfect. If you’ve taken another step down the path and now you need a break, celebrate the step rather than anguishing about the needed break.

The 3’s of Prosperity

All complex systems are just lots of simple systems working together. And so it is with prosperity. The systems are 3-2-1.


The Art of Prosperity demands balance. The past must be healed, forgiven and put into a healthy state to form the foundation on which all else rests. The future must inspire us, and even if it is just a little out of reach, it must be believable. Standing on a firm foundation of the past and marching boldly into the future we find that all real prosperity exists within us today. It’s when we find balance between our past, present and future that our goals become realized. For it’s the past that provides support, the future provides vision but it’s the present that’s where we live and it’s the joy of today’s prosperity that will always be the ultimate reward.

More of The 3’s of Prosperity are on the next page.

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